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Newton, Surrey

Newton is a community in the city of Surrey, BC, Canada. This community is home to the former Surrey City Hall and Courthouse, a Kwantlen Polytechnic University campus, and a local Surrey Public Library. Red FM, a radio station, is also situated in the community. The community is multicultural with people from Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. living here. One of the characteristics of this beautiful community is green spaces like Bear Creek Park, having a mini railway and mini golf around hemlock and cedar trees. As each year goes by, the community keeps experiencing development in terms of population and commercialization. If you want to experience the busy commercial areas in this region, you should visit King George Boulevard, where most stores like the King’s Cross Shopping Center are located. There, you can get your groceries and clothing at superstores. There are also numerous Indian eateries to have good times with your loved ones, and you will find arts & culture features that will blow your mind.

The community got its name from a European settler known as Elias John Newton. He was a harness-maker and saddler who settled in the region in 1886 after being raised in Richmond, Ottawa, Canada. Elias’s real name was Villeneuve (which means New Town in French), but since he was surrounded by English speakers, his name was translated to what it is today. One of the factors that activated the growth of this community is the BC Electric Railway. This development helped to establish the King George Boulevard and 72 Avenue as a Town Center.

In the whole of Surrey, this community has the largest population, as well as the most diverse ethnicity. More than half of its residents are ethnically South Asia, predominantly Punjabi. As at when the last population census was carried out in 2016, the pollution was tagged at 149,040. Apart from South Asian, other ethnic groups you will find here are Arab, European, Aboriginal, Filipino, Chinese, etc. However, the predominant language remains English as about 54 percent speak English. The next is Punjabi, with about 33 percent speaking the language.

If you care for a place to spend your retirement, you can get good properties to buy in Surrey, BC. It is a lovely city with lots of fun activities and waterfront houses to buy. There are schools for your kids to attend.

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