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Cloverdale, Surrey BC

Cloverdale is a suburb in Surrey, British Columbia. This town center is situated southeast of Greater Vancouver and west of the city of Langley. The town has a population of about 65,000 and is under the regional district of Metro Vancouver. This beautiful town used to be a small farm settlement in 1870 because of its temperate climate and fertile soil for farming. After some years, the town became one of the six town centers that form Surrey. This community is known as a heritage center of Surrey and houses a lot of historic sites including Surrey’s official museum. One of the oldest buildings in the area is Christ Church, constructed in 1882 and still looking strong today.

Between 1843 and 1928, William Shannon settled in the area and became one of the first settlers in the region. In 1875, William bought almost 1000 acres of land from the government He got the inspiration to name the area, thanks to the abundance of clover that grew in the region. The inclusion of the railway in the region played a significant role in its development. The first Surrey Town Hall was built in this area in 1881. In 1912, the region experienced another great feat when the Municipal Hall was built in the southwest of the suburb. The first school in Surrey was established in 1882 on land donated by Joseph Shannon. Between the 1920s and 1930s, most Americans in Washington State troop into this area for alcohol to address the prohibition laws put in place by the Washington government at that time. Over the years, the region has experienced significant growth in terms of population and industrialization. For example, the population of the community in 1968 was just 5,000, and in 2016, it has grown to 65,645.

The major language spoken there is English, with a little fraction of the populace speaking Spanish, Punjabi, Korean, and Mandarin. If you plan to retire in Surrey, BC, there are good houses situated in breathtaking environments for your pleasure. Some of the recreational centers in the place include Clayton Community Center, Don Christian Recreational Center, Museum or Surrey & Surry Archives, Hazelgrove Park, etc. Also, there are good schools around the neighborhood if you are need schools for your kids. Cloverdale is a nice place to learn about the past and future.

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