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Whalley, Surrey

Of all the six town centers in Surrey, British Columbia, Whalley tends to be the most densely populated. It is one of the major communities in Surrey and home to the major branch of Surrey libraries, the site of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Civic Plaza Campus), Surrey City Hall, SFU Surrey, and Central City. It is also the community in Surrey that is served by Metro Vancouver’s SkyTrain transit system. Some of the Expo line stations serving the region include King George, Surrey Central, Scott Road, and Gateway. The community is located northwest of the city of Surrey. It is bordered in the west and north by the Fraser River, and Newton to its south. The eastern border of the community runs along 144 Street.

Among the communities in Surrey, only Newton tends to be more populated than Whalley. From the population census conducted in 2018, the community has a population of about 75,000 inhabitants, while the City Center, the central subarea in the core of the community has a population of 26,945. Consequently, the total population of the region sums up to about 102,000. The community is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Surrey with a lot of history. There are good properties to buy if you wish you live in the community and the residents of the area are welcoming. This culturally vibrant community has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. It is home to City Center Library, Surrey City Hall, SFU and KPU universities, Surrey Arts Center, and other major festivals.

If you enjoy visiting parks, be ready to have enough in this community. Some of the parks you should visit whenever you find yourself here include Bear Creek Park, Holland Park, the Athletic Park, and Green Timbers. These are just a few parks in the area. Since it is one of the major areas in Surrey, there are high-rise buildings and commercial activities are booming in the area. Whether it is groceries, clothing, pharmacies, etc., you will surely get a store to get your needs met. If you care to live in a clean environment that is void of pollution, visiting Surrey and its surrounding neighborhoods would be a great decision to consider.

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