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Port Kells, Surrey

Port Kells is located in Guildford, a town center in the city of Surrey, British Columbia. The community is situated northeast of the town of Guildford, west of Walnut Grove, Langley, and adjacent to the Fraser River. The region is made up of two main components: an area in the north of the highway that is characterized by a lot of industrial parks, and an urban area in the south that is located south of Highway1. There are tons of residential areas for people looking to buy properties in the area and a lot of attractive places to visit as a tourist. The oceanic climate of the region means that it is chilly during winters but not frigid.

The area was founded in 1889 to serve as the Township of Port Kells and was founded by 2 Irish, having the same name as Henry Kells. Although they are not related, it was coincident that they bore the same name. Initially, the area was designated for a port and was laid out by the Royal Engineers in 1890. The area started enjoying the Trans-Canada Highway in the early ‘60s and the highway played a major role in linking different parts of the region.

All the amenities needed for a better living are available in the community – There are good schools for kids, the Simon Fraser University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University are located in the city of Surrey. There are also good restaurants and cafes to have good meals and drinks with your friends and family. If you are a retiree seeking where to spend the rest of your life, the city of Surrey has some of the best neighborhoods in British Columbia. Industrial development is on a steady increase and there are conducive places to buy homes at reasonable prices.

Whether you want to live here or just for tourism, rest assured of getting a warm welcome from the residents of the community. There are different ethnic groups in the area, European being predominant.

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