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Guildford, BC

Guildford is a town and neighborhood of Surrey, BC, Canada. The region is named after Guildford in Surrey, England and it’s known for its retail corridors along 152 Street and 104 Avenue. These two streets intersect at the Town Center, also known as the town’s shopping center. Although the town is geographically big, it is considered to center around the Town Center mall and the surrounding buildings. A notable landmark in this town is the 86 meters tall flagpole located at the Expo 86 fairgrounds. The 2016 population census of the town is marked at about 60,000.

The community is situated northeast to the city of Surrey BC, bordered northward by the shores of the Fraser River, to the west by 144th Street, and to the east by 196th Street. The town has been experiencing major growth in terms of population and industrialization. If you seek a retirement spot or where to have a wonderful vacation with friends and family, this town has some amazing properties for sale and nice spots for a family get-together. There are also nice cafes and restaurants to have amazing meals outdoors.

The whole of Surrey comprises different ethnicities such as European, Chinese, Aboriginal, Filipino, South Asian, and others. European tends to be the largest ethnic group, gulping about 39 percent of the town’s population. As for languages, English is predominantly spoken but there are other languages like Punjabi, Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, and others. The diversity of this community makes it a better place to visit no matter where you live in the world. With residents that are welcoming, you won’t struggle to settle in the town and the locals are ready to tell you some of the nice spots to visit for tourism.

If you enjoy visiting Parks, some of the Parks to visit in the region include Surrey Bend Regional Park, Hjorth Road Park, Tyne head Regional Park, etc. For arts & culture, you could spend some time at Surrey Public Art, Port Kells Library, and other heritage sites in the region. There are good schools for kids of all ages. Simon Fraser University has a campus in Surrey and Kwantlen Polytechnic University are the two major higher institutions in the region.

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